Targeted Therapies against Local Fat from 60€/session

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Local Fat Reduction Forever

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Permanent Result

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No pain, incisions or injections

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Short treatment duration

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You can return to your activities straight away

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Combination of different techniques


Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) with 3D Lipo Ultimate: Points of Excellence

Offer: 180€/session

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Duo Cryolipo

The new innovation of 3D Lipo allows simultaneous treatment of two areas, using the unique combination of electro- and cryo- therapy. As a result, 20-40% of adipocytes (fat cells) “die” and are naturally eliminated from the body within a few months, forever.

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HIFU: Ultrasound on the Body

The sophisticated 3D Lipo can simultaneously destroy local fat and boost new collagen production in the area under treatment. Moreover, treatment times are now faster, while it is more targeted on local fat than ever before.

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Cavitation mechanism is one of the top non-invasive methods of dealing with local fat and cellulite. With the new potent 200W power, a larger treatment area can be covered, while the application time is even shorter.

RF: Face & Body

Focus Fractional RF is the 3rd generation of Radiofrequencies – RF technology. Key advantages are the high treatment efficacy, as it exerts its action to the deeper skin layers, while treatment sessions are quick and pain-free.

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy works by producing shock waves, stimulating:

  • Fat breakdown
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Lymphatic drainage

It is the most modern technology that reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin elasticity, both of which are clinically proven.

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Κρυολιπολυση 3D Lipo Εφαρμογη
RF Ραδιοσυχνοτητες Εφαρμογη
Hifu στο Σωμα Εφαρμογη

RF Radiofrequencies: Skin Tightening & Lifting, pain-free!

Radiofrequencies RF is one of the most effective non-invasive body therapies, achieving at the same time skin tightening and improvement of skin tone, while combating cellulite.
Radiofrequency energy provides heat to skin tissues, enhancing collagen production and fat loss, heating only those areas that need improvement, which ensures perfect safety of the procedure.

  • Enhances and accelerates fat loss
  • Reduces sagging, cellulite and oedemas (swelling)
  • Cleans the skin
  • Immediately visible results
  • Skin tightening
  • Local fat reduction
  • No downtime
  • Acts in the deeper skin layers

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HIFU: State-of-the-art technology in combating local fat!

HIFU Body method of 3D Lipo Ultimate is the state-of-the-art technology in non-invasive elimination of local fat.

The effectiveness of the method is attributed to the targeted focused ultrasound bursts that heat up the areas of application, leading to fat cell death, pain-free and without any side effects.

The damaged fat cells are naturally eliminated, and thanks to the skin’s rejuvenating properties, the area regains its contour and tone.

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Mesotherapy: Fat dissolved with natural substances!

Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve treatment involves the removal of fat using chemical injections. The lipodissolve formula consists of vitamins, enzymes, and a natural, soy-derived substance called phosphatidylcholine, the main chemical component in soya oil.

The advantage of this method is the greater depth of the infusions and the longer interval between treatment sessions that are applied on a monthly basis.

Phosphatidylcholine is a very safe substance, which has been used by doctors in higher doses as a treatment for high cholesterol. It has been approved by the National Organisation for Medicines (EOF) in Greece as well as by the European Medicines Association and it is absolutely safe.

Of course, as drugs are involved, it is only applied by a physician, after the assessment of the patient’s history and his/her overall health status.

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The needle used in the lipodissolve treatment is very fine, about the size of an acupuncture needle. If local anaesthetic is not used, then you will experience a slight stinging sensation, which is perfectly bearable.

The whole procedure is characterised by its simplicity and quick application. Its ultimate advantage is that it does not cause any side effects, and the patient can return to daily activities very quickly.

Mesotherapy for Cellulite can be applied:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Arms
Μεσοθεραπεια Κυτταριτιδας Εφαρμογη

Cavitation: Concurrently Combats Local Fat & Cellulite! Offer: 45€/session

3D Lipo Cavitation is the Cavitation method of the future, adapted to the current needs. The most effective liposculpture method that also combats cellulite, without surgery, which is based on the three-dimensional action of special medical ultrasound energy. The technological excellence of 3D Lipo Cavitation treatment is related to the said ultrasounds, which are produced by a special platform and aim at the liquefaction of subcutaneous fat that is accumulated in our skin. Following this, the fat is eliminated via the lymphatic system and it is finally eliminated naturally by the organism. The scientific superiority of 3D Lipo Cavitation is attributed to 3D targeting and the pain-free, effective and safe diffusion of energy.

This phenomenon is called cavitation, i.e. irreversible destruction of adipocytes and liquefaction of the fat using ultrasounds. The advantage of 3D Lipo Cavitation is its three-dimensional targeting and effective energy diffusion effectively, safely and with no pain at all.

The results are amazing. The 3D Lipo Cavitation treatment is more often applied on the thighs and buttocks, the abdomen and the arms.

  • Combats Cellulite & Skin Tightening
  • Simultaneous elimination of fat cells
  • Lose inches from the 1st Session
  • Pain-Free & Quick Treatment, that lasts no more than 40 minutes
  • Safe & Approved Medical Procedure

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