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What are Dark spots?

Dark spots, or macules, are dense melanin clusters most commonly seen in white-skinned individuals. Dark spots do not have an increased number of melanin-producing cells (melanocytes), but instead they have cells that overproduce melanin granules, thus changing the skin’s colour.

Macules may be flat with light brown or red colour, which may disappear by reducing sun exposure. The said Dark spots are more common in people with fair skin complexion, although they also appear in most skin types.

Regular use of sunscreen can prevent their progress and extent.

Freckles are another type of fair skin complexion discolouration, their colour may be light brown or brown or black, and they usually disappear during the winter.

How do Dark spots appear?

Dark spots are small, flat, round spots of melanin on the skin of people with fair skin colour. These spots appear randomly on the skin, especially after repeated sun exposure. They may differ in colour – yellow, brown, light brown, grey or black. Usually they become darker during the summer. They rarely appear in men.

Causes of Dark spots:

Some common causes of Dark spots are the following:

  • Sun exposure of skin is one of the main causes of Dark spots.
  • The main cause of dark spots is some specific skin cells that produce the pigment called melanin.
  • Dark spots are also affected by genetic factors.
  • Hormonal abnormalities, caused due to the use of contraceptives and pregnancies, can lead to the appearance of dark spots, as oestrogens overstimulate the pigment cells, causing overproduction of pigment during sun exposure.
  • Face hair removal when a sunscreen is not applied after treatment.
  • Fair skin colour is another main cause of dark spots. Overall melanin content in the body is lower in persons with fair skin colour to absorb ultraviolet light and as a result pigment cells produce more melanin.

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Treatments for Dark Spots

Above all, avoiding sun exposure is the best precaution against dark spots. When sun exposure cannot be avoided, it is essential to use of high- SPF cream.

However, if they appear, they can be effectively “erased” using the modern treatment methods, such as:

  • Whitening Creams: The use of hydroquinone and kojic acid is a beneficial therapy for babies. They can contribute to the discolouration of dark spots with consistent treatment application.
  • Cryotherapy: Mild cooling with liquid nitrogen can be used to treat dark spots. Today it is today a relatively outdated procedure.
  • Medical Peels: Chemical peeling is used to remove age spots, dark spots, dyspigmentation, and fine lines. In general, it facilitates skin smoothing and firming, while erasing gradually the dark spots.
  • Treatment with special Lasers: Dark spots elimination can be effectively achieved with the use of Lasers. Alma Q Laser is very effective and safe in improving or completely erase brown spots and other dyspigmentations.
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