Laser ALMA Q is now also available in Greece

The revolutionary new ultra-modern medical ALMA Q Laser, the best option for tattoo removal, is now available in Greece thanks to Dermadvance. This innovative Medical Device allows for the first-time successful removal of all tattoo colours without scarring or any marks.
The new technology of Laser ALMA Q makes quicker tattoo removal in less sessions possible. It is also more effective in treating more difficult cases, such as amateur tattoos that were not created by experienced tattoo artists.

What’s new in Tattoo Removal?

Until now, the removal of multi-coloured tattoos was prohibitive, because of the old technology of most tattoo removal lasers (QS ruby laser 694 nm class) that can only remove dark-coloured tattoos, such as blue and black, but cannot remove colours such as red, yellow, and orange. In such cases, usually invasive methods were the only choice, achieving an almost prohibitive aesthetic result, such as deep dermabrasion, which usually causes scarring, or surgical excision. However, the innovative technology of ALMA Q laser, comes to change what we knew so far, as it can remove tattoos of any colour painlessly and without scarring.

The permanent solution in removing multi-coloured tattoos

ALMA Q gives a permanent solution to the problem of multi-coloured tattoo removal because it is the only, latest technology Q switched laser combining two different wavelengths and two different – but supplementary – Laser technologies in the same device and offers unique and remarkable advantages, including the following:

  • It allows us to remove tattoos of any colour, even the “prohibited” ones, such as red, yellow, and orange, that older technologies didn’t even think to “touch”.
  • It allows us to perform more than one tattoo removal session during the same day, making tattoo removal procedure much quicker.
  • The possibility of remaining colour or complications, such as post-traumatic scarring, hyperpigmentation, etc. is almost zero as compared to older lasers.
  • Tattoo removal from persons with dark skin colour, which was a “problematic” treatment option for the “old” Q switched laser, is now achieved easily.

Cutting Edge “2-in-1” Technology exclusively in Dermadvance

A powerful combination of two different laser types (Nd YAG 1064 nm laser, KTP 532 laser) allows the effective switching of the wavelengths by only one device, always focusing on the “target”. The innovative combination of Q switched, Long pulsed and Quasi Long pulsed technologies guarantees impressive results, and demonstrates that this device is one of the most multifunctional tools of its kind. Despite the fact that these wavelengths pre-existed and their effectiveness was good to date for tattoo removal, the combination in the same device and the ultra-modern technological advances in wavelength emission, make ALMA Q the absolutely innovative Laser for tattoo removal. ALMA Q Laser technology, when used by a specialised dermatologist, allows us to safely “erase” forever a tattoo when it is unwanted.
Dermadvance Dermatology Clinic and the Scientific Director, Dermatologist, Dr. Christos Stamou brought for the first time and exclusively AlmaQ Laser Technology in Greece, aiming to offer the most sophisticated and effective technology available for tattoo removal.

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