Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal. Safety + Effectiveness

Διάγνωση Αιτιών που προκαλούν την Ακμή

With the most modern, safe and effective Alexandrite Laser: Arion II

Θεραπεία Aκμής

Results from the 1st session.

Πλάνο Θεραπείας

Applied in the Dermatologist’s Office.

Πλήθος Θεραπευτικών Επιλογών

It improves skin texture.

Αποκτήστε Καθαρό, Λείο, Δέρμα

50% hair reduction after the 3rd session.

Διόρθωση Ουλών Ακμής

Treatment only by certified and experienced personnel.


Permanent Results

Laser Hair Removal is the only hair removal method with Permanent results.

For all skin types

For all skin types & every part of the Body.

No recovery time required

You return to your activities straight away.

It doesn’t hurt

Each laser “shine” lasts only fractions of a second, so you almost don’t feel it.

Dermadvance Safety

In Dermadvance Dermatology Clinics Hair Removal is considered a Medical Procedure.

No more shaving pimples

Permanent Hair Removal does not cause folliculitis (pimples).

Soft & Smooth Skin

Your skin becomes soft and smooth, you will love it.

It is Safe

Safely Used for more than 20 years.
Hair Removal


We offer various treatments that provide visible results in just a few sessions. This allows us to apply the appropriate treatment for each skin type, including dark-coloured and tanned skin.

Many clinics are reluctant to treat darker skin because of the specific skills and technology required, as well as the risks of burns and hyperpigmentation. However, the experience of our professionals in combination with the technology we use suggests that this is not a problem for us.

The most common Laser Hair Removal treatments are applied to the following areas:

  • face – upper lip
  • extremities – arms and legs
  • bikini line and genital area
  • arms
  • underarms
  • breast


In Dermadvance, we offer to our patients only state-of-the-art medical technologies and devices. For the elimination of hair, we chose the best and fastest Alexandrite Laser device straight away, Arion 2.

We are specialised in Laser Hair Removal and we can confidently say that our results stand out in comparison to other clinics.

Our goal and concern in each Laser Hair Removal session is to fully adjust the device on your skin and hair type, while from the very beginning we inform each patient and develop a realistic plan to achieve permanent hair removal of the areas you want.


The duration between sessions as well as the total number of sessions depend on personal factors.

  • Anatomical Area
  • Hair Growth Rate
  • Hair Quality
  • Biological factors

Usually 8 sessions are required on average. The time between sessions is increased as time goes by. The results are better than ever with the new high-tech Hair Removal Laser, while the treatment is absolutely painless, thus requiring less sessions and less time!



Laser Hair Removal is 100% safe method. Medical Lasers for Hair Removal have specific target, melanin in the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin intact, thus being absolutely and 100% safe. Laser Hair Removal is the most widely clinically studied field of Cosmetic Medicine. Furthermore, it has been approved by the strict FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) 20 years.