Alma Q Lift: Immediate Facial Firming and Rejuvenation

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Facial Firming & Rejuvenation

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ALMA Q lift is the most advanced and effective choice for face and neck firming and lifting. Wrinkles, skin sagging and skin texture change dramatically, “erasing” the signs of photo-ageing and skin relaxation from your face and neck.

This innovative treatment is possible thanks to the excellent technological superiority offered by the brand-new ALMA Q Laser, which was made by the greatest Laser company worldwide. The laser uses the wavelength of ND YAG 1064, and a special fractional mode, which was technologically impossible until recently.

As a result, we have the ability to provide “energy” at controlled depth in the skin “waking up” the multipotent fibroblast cells that start producing collagen and elastin, gradually filling up the wrinkles of the skin while promoting skin tightening. The results are visible even immediately after the session!

Furthermore, for impressive skin smoothing results, we can apply active carbon cream, which is sublimated by the Laser application, resulting in skin pores tightening – a common and difficult aesthetic problem – thus providing particularly smooth and gentle skin that glows.

The inventors of this technique describe it as “non-invasive lifting with anabolic steroids” so as to highlight both its excellent effectiveness and the amazing results. For a complete treatment cycle, only 3 sessions are required every 28 days. The results of the lifting are impressive and last up to 2 years after the treatment.

A non-surgical treatment, without anaesthesia, which lasts approximately 20 minutes. Pain-free, without any signs on the epidermis, providing an impressive firming effect to the face and neck that lasts from 1.5 to 2 years… it seems like magic, but it is absolutely feasible and real, only using this technique and the excellent ALMA Q laser!

The technological superiority and the breath-taking result of ALMA Q Lift is here to surprise you and make your wishes come true. A pain-free treatment with affordable cost, which is comfortable and has zero downtime but also amazing results!

The Dermatological Clinic DERMADVANCE, directed by the Dermatologist Dr.Stamou Christos, is the only clinic in Greece (and South Europe!) that is equipped and can offer you this innovative treatment with breath-taking results – ALMA Q Lift.

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